About us

Created in 1995 by Dr. Heitz, veterinary surgeon, our company is located in France, in the Jura section of “Plastics Valley”.

Our statement of intent is very simple: to put our know-how and our enthusiasm at the service of animal owners in order to offer them innovative products adapted to their needs.

In order to fulfill the aims expressed in our statement of intent, we have four principles to guide us :

  • Utility : Our products must provide effective solutions to our customers’ problems.

  • Simplicity : The shortest path between two points is a straight line. All our products are simple and are designed to be easy to use.

  • Performance : When choosing our products, our clients must be sure that no better alternative exists for the problem in question.

  • Care : We go to great lengths in order to offer products studied in the finest detail and exempt from manufacturing defects.



  • 1994/2009Denis HEITZ, a practicing vet working in Oyonnax (France), encountered a problem extracting ticks from his four-legged patients.
    He is going to have the idea of a tool to remove ticks that is simple and effective. He will devote these years to designing and selling his TICK TWISTER® by O'TOM®. www.otom.com
    To do this, he will create the company H3D and sell his veterinary practice.
  • 2010H3D enlarges its field of expertise in the domain of hygiene and animal care, with a new product :  BambooStick®a giant cotton bud specially adapted for cleaning dogs’ ears.
  • 2011Launch of the BambooStick® XL cotton bud in veterinary surgeries in France and Europe.
  • 2012As a response to customer demand, H3D launches a complete care kit for dogs’ ears consisting of a cleaning lotion and a sachet of BambooStick® cotton buds.
  • 2015The BambooStick® range extends with the addition of S/M sized cotton buds and new packaging adapted for sale to home users and professionals.
  • 2018Launch of the new BAMBOOSTICK® internet website. A new modern design, with new colors, to allow customers around the world to order online.