Can you use cotton buds to clean your dog's ears ?

The Bamboostick® cotton bud was designed by a veterinarian who developed the best way to clean the ears of our four-legged friends.

With Bamboostick® you will not push dirt to the bottom of the ear canal, you will absorb it. Indeed, cleaning the dog's ears is always carried out with prior use of a cleaning fluid that softens and dissolves secretions. Once liquefied, this dirt is absorbed by Bamboostick® and does not tend to create a plug.



Can I hurt my dog by cleaning its ears with Bamboostick® ?

No, ear cleaning with Bamboostick® presents no risk of injury whatsoever for your pet.

The diameter and shape of the BambooStick® wadded tip make it impossible to go beyond the elbow bend in the auditory canal, and therefore access its deeper section.

Even on a large dog, the diameter of the deep portion of the auditory canal (near the eardrum) is narrowed, so that involuntary contact with the eardrum is virtually impossible on a dog which is awake.



Which size of cotton bud should I choose for my dog ?

The Bamboostick® cotton bud is sold in 2 sizes.

If you own a small dog (poodle, basset, bulldog, Yorkshire...) you need to order size S/M.

If you own a larger dog (Labrador, German shepherd ...) you should order size L/XL.



Why use Bamboostick® ?

Bamboostick® is a large sized swab, specially designed for the care of dogs' ears. It is currently the most effective solution for curative and preventive care of a dog's ear. It has unparalleled absorption capacity, incomparable softness, is easy to use, saves valuable time, has specially designed ergonomics, allows safe ear cleaning and is 100% biodegradable.



How to use Bamboostick® ?

First you must hold, or have someone else hold the dog's head, and pour a few drops of cleaning fluid into the auditory canal.

Then, massage the base of the auditory canal for about a minute. If the immediate environment allows it, let the dog shake its head (watch out for projections!).

Finally, use BambooStick® to reabsorb the residual liquid, and remove dirt and secretions stuck on the roof and the entrance of the auditory canal.



Why is it better to use Bamboostick® rather than a traditional cotton bud ?

The Bamboostick® wadded bud is 12 times more absorbent than a conventional cotton bud. The ears of dogs are often very dirty, 2 or 3 large Bamboostick® will be enough to completely clean the ear of a dog.



Why does the Bamboostick® have only one cleaning end ?

By having a single end covered with cotton, the Bamboostick® makes it possible not to get dirty hands by turning it around, it can be thrown away right after use.



Why is the Bamboostick® sold in packs of 30 and 50 units at the same price ?

Bamboostick® is available in two different packagings, packs of 30 are sold mainly to private users whereas packages of 50 units are aimed more at professionals such as veterinarians or groomers who use larger quantities. Packs of 50 units have a much simpler container, and that explains the difference in price.