Why clean your dog’s ears with BAMBOOSTICK® ?

BAMBOOSTICK® is a large format cotton bud specially designed for the healthcare of dogs’ ears. It is currently the most effective solution for curative and preventive care of the dog's ear.

Its main benefits :

  • an unequaled capacity for absorption
  • an incomparable softness
  • easy to use
  • an appreciable time-saving
  • a special ergonomic design
  • a perfectly safe ear cleaning
  • 100 % biodegradable


BAMBOOSTICK® is ultra absorbent

Thanks to its unique shape, Bamboostick® is 12 times more absorbent than a standard “human” cotton bud.

Bamboostick® allows a quick and complete cleaning of secretions and the dirt matted on the pinna and the auditory canal.

BAMBOOSTICK<sup>®</sup>  is ultra absorbent

BAMBOOSTICK<sup>®</sup> is easy to use

BAMBOOSTICK® is easy to use

Bamboostick® enables quick, easy and painless ear care.

Bamboostick® is ready to use: no more wrapping, no more messy fingers while removing the cotton ball.

Bamboostick® is easy to handle, it has an appropriate stiffness and most of all it does not become slippery when the ear is cleaned with an oily liquid.

BAMBOOSTICK® is safe to use

Bamboostick® takes into account the distinctive features of the dog’s ear. Thanks to the size of the cotton head of Bamboostick® it’s quite impossible to pass the ear canal turn and to touch its deep stretch.

Bamboostick® is perfectly safe to use. Il allows you to clean the dog’s ear without any danger of touching the eardrum.

Bamboostick® does not « push » the dirt, it absorbs it. Ear cleaning is made by using first a cleaning liquid which dissolves the ear secretions. Once liquefied, these secretions are absorbed by Bamboostick® and does not tend to create a plug.

BAMBOOSTICK<sup>®</sup> is safe

BAMBOOSTICK<sup>®</sup> - 100% biodégradable product

BAMBOOSTICK® is 100% biodegradable

The cotton head is made out of 100% medical grade cotton wool and the stick is made out of 100% bamboo.

Why bamboo ?

  • Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and can be incinerated without any pollution.
  • It is a renewable resource: bamboo is cultivated so doesn’t lead to deforestation.
  • Bamboo grows very quickly, needs little water, very few pesticides and no fertilizer. By choosing bamboo, we fight against excessive use of wood and therefore against deforestation.